The World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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How much can your dog fetch – in dollars, that is? How about 10.5 million?

That’s how much – in U.S. dollars – a Chinese coal baron paid for Big Splash, a red Tibetan Mastiff. Purchased in 2011 for 10 million yuan (or $10.5 million), Big Splash is the most expensive dog ever. Considering that there are restrictions on dog size in Beijing, we figure Big Splash isn’t a capital city resident.

Just what skyrockets the price for a pooch? In this case, the color red is a good luck color in Chinese culture, and the Tibetan Mastiff breed is believed to bring wealth and good fortune to its owner.

Other factors can up a dog’s price: the purity of the breed; if they are the progeny of prize winning dogs; or if a well-known celeb is seen with one. Remember Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua? It spawned a craze!

Though they may not sell for millions, other expensive dog breeds include:

Japanese Akitas
Bearded Collies
Pharaoh Hounds
Chow Chows
English Bulldogs
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
German Shepherds
Canadian Eskimo dogs

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