" />
  • Hi, Dana!

    We were in over our heads when it came to the transport of our boy, Briscoe, from Seattle, WA to London, England. We had no idea it is such a difficult process. Be warned: YOU CANNOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. Literally - you need to hire someone to move a pet to a different country. Enter: Animal Land Pet Movers.

    The team at Animal Land Pet Movers were there to hold our hands with ALL THE PAPERWORK (and yes, there's a ton of paperwork), and they helped navigate us through all the red tape, mandatory vaccinations, and multiple vet appointments. Most importantly, they kept us updated with emails and phone calls on the days leading up to the move as well as on the day of the actual flight.

    I can't tell you enough how much these updates were appreciated. If you're like me (a very a-hem passionate/crazy dog parent), receiving updates on the actual transport of your pet is SO IMPORTANT. We will definitely be reaching out to Animal Land Pet Movers when it's time to move back to the states.


    January 2017

    Angela & Parker & Briscoe
  • Hi Beth,

    Happy New Year!

    Libby is doing fabulously at home in England! She settled in within a matter of days, making best friends with all our other dogs. She was so excited to be in the countryside I don’t think she slept for the first week and is just loving her new life.

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you again! I really couldn’t have done it without your help guiding me through every stage and calming my nerves when I started to panic. My mum was astounded that Libby just sailed through customs when she picked her up, she said so many others were struggling. You are amazing, I really can’t thank you enough, it’s incredible to have Libby home!

    Wishing you all the best for 2017! Katie and Libby

    p.s here are a couple of photos of her at home and one of all the gang playing I thought you might enjoy 🙂
    January 2017

    Katie and Libby
  • Hi Natalie,

    My apologies for sending this so late as the holidays were busy and time got away from us a bit. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't send you and your team a big THANK YOU for getting our babies Amos and Koda safely moved all the way from San Francisco to the Philippines in time to spend the Holidays with us.

    This really made for a great kick off to our move here in the Philippines and we can't thank you guys enough for making everything happen on such short notice.

    You guys were great in handling everything and alleviating any additional stress in moving our dogs on top of all the other things that were going on. Please send a thank you to Vanessa as well for picking up the dogs and getting them on their way.

    We would definitely use your team's services again when the need arrives. Please see attached pictures of them in our new home. Thanks again for everything!


    Sheila, Bryan, Amos & Koda
    July 2017

    Amos Koda Sheila and Bryan
  • The team at Animal Land, especially Natalie, our move coordinator, did amazing work with our travel! We had four (huge) dogs needing to travel from NY to the UK under serious time constraints.

    Natalie made sure we had all of the paperwork we needed, checked to be sure it was all filled out properly and liased with the team in the UK to make sure things were in order.

    All of our dogs had to travel in the largest kennels available and the team made sure we were getting the best rates and all of the pups could travel together. She also had someone at the airport to assist my husband in getting all the dogs properly checked in and made sure the receiving team in the UK knew all about our dogs and their potential issues.

    She was also available at all hours and was constantly giving updates and assuring a very worried dog mom that things were going according to plan. They pups all arrived tired, but no worse for wear and are happily settled into their new life in Scotland. No matter how you ship pets, especially large ones like these guys, it's always pricey and stressful, but for a small amount more, you can avoid much of the stress and be sure your fluffy friends will arrive safely and not be stuck in quarantine.

    Animal Land was amazing and well worth the slightly increased expense for the piece of mind and expertise. There was no way everything would have gone so smoothly without them and they have most definitely earned our continued business and extreme gratitude.

    Thank you all so much!!
    ~ Daryl & Mike
    Cassie, Kiki, Cali & Sam

    January 2017

  • When my wife and I decided to move to the Philippines, we had a lot of things to think about, but one of the biggest concern was what to do about Mr. Spock, our cat. He and I have been together since he was born in my yard 13 years ago from a stray mom who rejected him. We've been through a lot together. The logistics and questions surrounding moving him with us were overwhelming.

    Luckily, our moving company put us in touch with Animal Land Pet Movers.

    They provided all the information we needed, guided us through the necessary paperwork and vet visits, handled his airline tickets and all travel needs, coordinated with a small army of caring people in a number of countries to check on him along the way, and handled his passage through animal import procedures here.

    Mr. Spock arrived here safely, a little confused, but otherwise fine. He is now busy exploring his new house in the Philippines and picking out his new favorite places to hang out.

    We couldn't have done it without the amazing help we received and Mr. Spock is grateful he got to come along for this big change in our lives and new adventure. Thank you Animal Land!

    Jan. 2017

    Bob And Aileen Peck

  • The most stressful part about relocating from the US to the UK was moving my beloved two cats. I contacted Animal Land Pet Movers and was relieved they could move my cats, door to door!

    My pet move counsellor was Natalie and she was amazing! Natalie not only guided me through all of the official requirements, she helped me through several personal meltdowns! On the day of the move, Natalie kept me up to date with my cats every move.

    I can't thank her enough for her caring and sincere service. If you ever need to move your beloved pets, please put your trust in Animal Land Pet Movers!

    December 2016

  • Pet Relocation to LondonHi Dana,

    My dad has Grizzly. He came through very relaxed and settled. He was he only pet on his flight, so that was probably a good thing, no other animals winding each other up.

    I have to say, although he has flown before, the advice to drop him off and pick him up I think made a world of difference in it being a less stressful experience!

    Thanks you and Barbara for all you work and support, one happy pooch one happy owner! I would highly recommend your services!!


    Nov. 2016

  • Rayna
    We recently moved our three senior pets (one dog and two cats) from Hong Kong to Seattle. Natalie was hired by our relo company in Hong Kong to handle the USA portion of the journey. At first I was skeptical about a company in Georgia handling the logistics of a move to Seattle. However, working with Natalie quickly put my mind at ease.

    Natalie was extremely responsive via email, which was a huge blessing because I was so worried the entire time. She even made herself available to talk with me by phone - which was no small feat considering the massive time difference.

    I felt like she really, truly cared about the welfare of my pets. She took the extra time to make sure that all of the paperwork was thorough and she was well-organzied. She was there for us every step of the way, which is really special.

    I highly recommend Animal Land Pet Movers.

    Rayna, July 2016

  • iceland-kitties
    Hi Dana,

    I just wanted to send you our testimonial and the review I will be posting on Yelp. Thank you again for everything! I talked to the quarantine station personnel yesterday and they said our babies were doing well and that they were adjusting to the windy weather. Here is our testimonial:

    Dana, I cannot thank you enough! We could not have been able to ship our three kitties to Iceland without you. They are in quarantine now and are doing well. We were so nervous to fly our babies to another country but your updates and reassurance during their journey meant the world to us. Our family thanks you for your professionalism and your genuine caring for our kitties! Here are some pictures of them, we can’t wait to snuggle with them in our new home!

    Here is the Yelp review: I am so pleased with the personable service and professionalism from Dana and Sunni of www.petmovers.com. We were burdened with the harrowing task of moving our three cats to Iceland—which is arguably one of the strictest countries in the world regarding the importation of animals—from Little Rock, Arkansas. With a limited amount of flight options due to Iceland’s strict importation dates, Dana powered through the logistical nightmare of tailoring a trip that was not only comfortable for our fur babies, but it was in compliance with Iceland’s rules. Dana also ensured our paperwork was in order and she always checked with us after important vet visits to make sure everything was being done correctly. I would highly recommend them for pet travel because they genuinely care about your animals and their well-being during a stressful time for both the animals and their parents.

    Thanks again!


    Linda H

    Oct. 2016

    Linda H - Oct. 2016
    Linda H - Oct. 2016
  • Pet Relocation to Brazil Dana was super professional and went above and beyond our expectations. She was always quick to address any questions and deliver docs via e-mail, even on weekends.

    We never felt lost or insecure during the process of relocating our French Bulldog.

    October 2016

  • Pet Relocation to Hong Kong
    I can't thank Animal Land Pet Movers enough for making our move from New York to Hong Kong as stress-free as humanly possible. Over the last few months(!!), through our conversations, Dana mentally and physically prepared us for this day so very patiently. Like many dog parents, we are extremely obsessed with our little french bulldog Dexter and only want whats best and safe for him.

    We had a few bumps along the way, including high heat waves in Hong Kong that prevented us from flying there and FedEx losing our original paperwork last minute!! However, Dana was always prepared with Plans B to Z up her sleeve when needed! Without her, this move would really be impossible! She was available at all times of the day to answer all questions!

    She helped prepare all documents, personally worked with our vet to get the right vaccines and sign offs and even spent hours overall on the phone with me to explain the process in detail and convincing me that Dexter will be absolutely okay during travel (which he was!). She kept us updated throughout his trip - right from when he boarded the flight in New York, through his layover in Frankfurt, to arrival in Hong Kong. Her agents in New York and Hong Kong were just as friendly, responsive and amazing as her!

    If you are ever on the fence whether to hire ALPM, let me assure you, they are worth every penny and more and if I had to ever do this again, I will call NO ONE BUT DANA! Feel free to contact me with any questions about our experience!

    Oct. 2016

    Prachi, Sameer and Dexter
    Prachi, Sameer and Dexter
  • IMG_6155 Dana,

    Good afternoon!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your amazing help with getting Hank and Merle safely to Argentina from the US.

    It was a flawless experience, and your knowledge and professionalism throughout the process made this adventure for us so much easier! We were very nervous about flying our dogs, especially on a 10 hour flight in the Summer. We are typically laid back people, but when it comes to our dogs, we get nervous about unknowns! However, Dana and Animal Land put us at complete ease… There were no hiccups, and the boys made it to Buenos Aires very happy!

    I would recommend Animal Land to anyone who is looking to transport their dogs internationally … for us, this was a huge move, but the MOST important was being able to get our 2 dogs here with us & it wouldn’t have been the same without the help of you and Animal Land.

    Thank you again and we are forever grateful for your help and care!!

    Lauren and Will, August 2016
  • IMG_1464

    Dana assisted Atlas and I in our move to Russia when he was only six months old and then back the US when he was about 2 years old. Traveling over 6,000 miles with my giant baby had my anxiety levels at an all-time high, but from the second Dana stepped in I immediately felt a sense of relief.

    She handled everything so smoothly on the trip there that I developed full confidence that everything would go just as smoothly on the way back. She gave me updates every step of the way and my baby got off his final flight as happy as could be. I’ll most likely have to travel again for work and every time I’ll make sure Dana is the one in control of all of Atlas’ logistics. She understands that these fur-babies are much more than just pets.

    Hannah, August 2016
  • ALI Zeppy We would like to extend an immense amount of gratitude to the entire Animal Land Pet Movers team for getting our four legged, fur baby safely from New York to Hong Kong!

    With the stress involved with moving our life half way around the world, they made all the paperwork, flight schedules and last minute vet checkups very easy to manage.

    Beth was great and kept in constant communication with us to make sure everything was taken care of prior to little Zeppelin’s flight and that all of our concerns where met, before, during and after our relocation. Knowing that Zeppelin was in good hands allowed us to rest our minds while he was in transit. When he finally arrived at our doorstep in Hong Kong, we were all so excited to be reunited.

    We are very happy to have our little guy with us in Hong Kong and we have Animal Land Pet Movers to thank for that!

    August, 2016

    Kyle, Katie and Zeppy
  • Rayna
    We recently moved our three senior pets (one dog and two cats) from Hong Kong to Seattle. Natalie was hired by our relo company in Hong Kong to handle the USA portion of the journey. At first I was skeptical about a company in Georgia handling the logistics of a move to Seattle. However, working with Natalie quickly put my mind at ease.

    Natalie was extremely responsive via email, which was a huge blessing because I was so worried the entire time. She even made herself available to talk with me by phone - which was no small feat considering the massive time difference.

    I felt like she really, truly cared about the welfare of my pets. She took the extra time to make sure that all of the paperwork was thorough and she was well-organzied. She was there for us every step of the way, which is really special.

    I highly recommend Animal Land Pet Movers.

    Rayna, July 2016

  • FullSizeRender Hi Dana,

    We're all back here in the house and thee cats are settling in super well.... They've never seen a summer room that looks out to a garden before and they're glued to the ledges "chattering" to the birds!

    The cats had so much to say when they saw me!

    Twix: Well Mom! That trip just cost me one of my nine lives! Did you know the ground just fell - really fell from under my paws?"
    Sypher: "I lost my appetite in that dark hole! If I was meant to fly I would be a bird Mom!!"

    I told them to shush and enjoy the country LOL. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I will let you know when Oreo is ready to go - it won't be for a while yet but it WILL happen.😉👍🏻


    July 2016

  • rocco smelling the roses Hi Natalie,

    I don't think there are words to describe the care, thoughtfulness and professionalism that Animal Land Pet Movers provide.

    Our experience with shipping Rocco, our 80 pound dog, from Amsterdam to Atlanta went better than I had imagined.

    The communication, the care and information provided before, during and after his journey was reassuring and well timed. I highly recommend them! Thanks to Natalie and their team! Bravo and ruff ruff!!

      July 2016   sunday morning

  • JackNSam
    Hi Dana,

    We thought the drivers and local agents on both ends provided really good and friendly service. It was clear that everyone involved liked dogs and cared about their experience. They did a good job of providing us with updates.

    Jack and Sam are doing really well. They ate their normal food right away and then went to a local park and for a walk. Sam chased his ball and Jack rolled around in the grass per normal. They are super tired and sound asleep at the moment but otherwise doing much better than expected.

    It is such a relief to have them here safe and sound, and without appearing any worse for the wear. Worrying about their trip was the most difficult thing about relocating to London, and now that is behind us!

    Thank you for all of your assistance.


    June 2016

  • TONYHi Dana, I would seriously like to appreciate all that you did to bring Tony here.

    It wouldn't have happened without you. Because we were at the point of just giving up since all that nonsense. Tony is being taken care of and loving life a lot better than Vietnam since we are able to care for him better.

    Thank you so much and have a great night.
    June 2016

  • Hi, Dana. Davincci Thank you again for helping us to import Davincci to Japan!

    Because the weather was too hot in Atlanta, I almost gave up to import this time. But you suggested me another flight and I could have Davincci.

    I was relieved when you keep updated during his trip and explain the flight schedule, and my puppy dog's condition each time. I really appreciate what you and your team have done for me and my puppy dog.

    Once again, thank you!

    May 2016

  • MaryDogAs a testimony I would like to say that as this was the first time I have moved a dog overseas I was quite worried about what it would all entail and how Holly would cope but your company made it all so easy and were there for me every step of the way and ended in one happy dog arriving at her destination safe and sound.

    With kind regards 


    April 2016

    Mary and Holly
  • BushTestimonialI have to say, my experience with Animal Land Pet Movers was amazing and I'll definitely be using them for future moves!

    My husband and I are both military and when we got tasked for reassignment to Hawaii, the most stressful part of the move was figuring out if we were going to be able to take our Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) with us!  This was not our first move, but first time moving with a dog, much less a dog weighing 106 lbs!!!

    Animal Land Pet Movers was so helpful providing us itemized quotes and guiding us through the whole process step by step!  Mastiffs have different shipping requirements with IATA and Hawaii has very strict rules on animal import and if you don't follow the steps correctly, your dog could end up in quarantine for 4 months!

    Dana from Animal Land made sure we were in compliance with both agencies!!  She stayed in touch with me from the day 1 quote, all the way through travel, right up until I was reunited with my baby!  She even reached out to check on me during travel to make sure I didn’t have any concerns along the way.

    I can't thank her enough and DEFINITELY recommend this company!!!

    Heather - April 2016

  • Jazmin

    My husband and I recently imported our Chihuahua from the US to Saudi Arabia. We didn't even think this was a possibility until we got in contact with Animal Land Pet Movers.

    Thanks to Dana's expert advice, patience and professionalism we were able to successfully be reunited with our baby, Jazmin! We can't thank her enough, it was a fabulous experience working with her!

    Jazmin, Sabrina & Johannes

    Jazmin, Sabrina & Johannes
    Jazmin, Sabrina & Johannes
  • IMG_2663 Dana and the team at Animal Land are our French Bulldog's guardian angels!

    I took a job in Singapore and of course, we were not leaving our "fur-girl" behind. Dana made the process so smooth - She worked with our vet to make sure that her paperwork was complete, answered A MILLION questions that we had (happily), kept us updated on her flights, and made sure she was safe and sound when she arrived in Singapore.

    We were so nervous to move her due to the breed she is, but Dana and her team did a phenomenal job handling every detail of her move.

    If we ever have to move international again, I would never use anyone but Dana and Animal Land. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    June 2015

  • IMG_1519 Hi Dana,

    I've been waiting the longest time for three dogs to stay quietly within the proximity of my lens, but now I realize that is just about impossible (and that is why we have professionals to do that)...

    Nevertheless, I just wanted you to know that Maya is extremely happy with her new pack; my daughter's Italian sheepdog + something else, (the white one) Tass, and Fluffy, her boyfriend's Black Lab. They are both elderly gentlemen, Tass is 10; he has some structural problems (arthritis mostly). Fluffy is 12, and in extremely good health except for his ears, and not just the selective part...

    And now, Maya finally got to play the role of QUEEN - how much better can it get? The pictures show Tass and Maya kissing this morning.

    Again, thank you for your professional qualmness and personal warmth, patience and undérstanding - I couldn't have done it without you!

    Unni Wright

  • WestReunion Dear All,

    Our beloved pets are now at home with us in Alexandra, New Zealand. We picked them up in Christchurch on Mothers Day {best pressie ever} then drove the 5 hours back home. A long day for all but it's all behind us now. BTW, it felt like they were being released from prison with all of the security gates and fencing!

    Buster and Poppy were sooooooo excited to see us and Elvis has been so smoochy which isn't like him at all so we'll see how long that lasts.

    I can not rate your service, attention to detail and compassion high enough. You understand how emotional this process is ( thanks for tolerating my occasional tears ) while still making sure all the boxes are ticked!

    Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for helping in this whole process and for looking after our babies.

    Shelley and family xo

    May 2015

  • BladesPupsTo our friends at Animal Land and Pet Movers,

    We wanted to thank you for the attention and care afforded our pets, Diesel and Stella, during our move from Atlanta, Georgia to London.  Our 2 boxers are 100% members of our family, and the thought of flying them was enough to put me into very serious worry mode.  The team was responsive to my every concern and did wonders to alleviate my fears.  More importantly, the Team's (specifically, Dana from the team) thorough nature in completing the necessary documentation, vet appointment, USDA visit, etc etc..... was outstanding and saved us on more than one occasion missing something critical.  

    The team member (Kelli) who picked my pets up from my home was kind and more than competent dealing with 2 big dogs, 2 giant cages, and all the papers I gave her (plus a few tears on mom's end while saying goodbye).  We were communicated with at every step of the way, and upon arrival, our dogs were delivered to our doorstep in London happy and wagging.  Big thanks to the team for taking outstanding care of my angels.


    September 2015

  • PhotoGrid_1440046656734


    Using Animal land to send my golden retriever from Seattle to Shanghai China was a stress free experience - from detailed preparation prior to my dog's departure to updates with pictures of him along the way in every stop, they got a lot of experiences and set expectation with the pet owner with detailed instruction so there were no surprises.  All the staff including Dana (US), Andie and local handler in China were dog lovers with personal care, instead of treating this just another business transaction.

    Thank you Animal Land, and we will be contacting you in a few years when we are moving back to US again. 


    August 2015

  • MaxCat1Dana and her team of Sue and Jayne made ALL the difference in the world as we relocated our cat, Max, with us to the UK.

    With a flight cancelled after two hours of sitting in the plane, it was 10pm our time (and 1am Dana's time) as she adeptly managed our situation into the wee hours of the morning. While we were frazzled and trying to rebook our own travel and overnight accommodations for our family, she had Max organized and off of the plane, back to be held for us to pick up without any problems at all. Before we woke up the next morning she had already rebooked his flight and prepared him for travel two days later.

    Without Dana, this whole task would been IMPOSSIBLE for us to manage, but that night of quick work to keep our family and cat together made all the difference in the world.

    If you are on the fence about whether or not to use a pet shipment company, we assure you that it is worth every single cent! Thanks again, Animal Land Pet Movers! Max is now happily with us, mostly found cozy on the couch overlooking the Thames!

    Thanks again for everything! We'll be in touch in 2017!


    July 2015


  • image2 (1)Hi Dana,

    Ed made it! He's wandering about trying to figure out this strange place called Hong Kong. Of course, this was after he spent some much needed cuddle time in my lap. Probably a good 45 minutes of purr time! He did not want to move.

    The taxi ride was funny because he was very chatty while he enjoyed watching the big buildings go by. Almost as if he was telling us about his adventure and the last 3 weeks at mom's house. I think he'll settle down quickly, but it's really hard to get a good picture of him because he keeps pushing his head into the camera.

    We are so beyond grateful for all of your help (and my mom's) with arranging Ed's trip! It put us at ease knowing that Animal Land Pet Movers has done this countless times before, and even worked with many other SCAD Hongkongers. George and Ping on this side were also super kind and kept us up to date with Ed's arrival status. Thank you for putting it all together — we seriously could not have done it without your experienced team.

    Ed is quite the world traveler now too ;).


    January 2015


  • Bonnie&CldyeHi Dana,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it possible for Bonnie and Clyde to join us in Switzerland. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of Animal Land and its employees. The constant flow of information and communication was much appreciated as was the quick responses to all my questions along the way.

    As you know, Bonnie and Clyde both arrived safely. Clyde was a little "miffed" about the whole process but has forgiven us. He and Bonnie are both settling in well to their new Swiss life. The attached pictures show them in our new home.

    I would happily recommend Animal Land to anyone looking to transport their pets.

    Best regards,


    January 2015

  • Dana, We can't thank you enough for your help moving our three cats to Thailand! They were so happy to see us! As you can see, they're relaxed and enjoying Thai "Mai Pen Rai" way of life. Everything went smoothly with your help, from the vet visit and paperwork to their pre-travel pickup and delivery. We are very grateful! The Webber's December 2014

    The Webber's
    The Webber's
  • Look what was just delivered. I am so happy to have them home! They seem to be in good condition, a little psycho, but excited. Oreo rolled around in the grass/sand for a long time. I am so relieved to have the company help with this daunting process. I never would have been able to get my babies here without y'all. I would DEFINITELY recommend y'all to anyone who needs to ship their pets. I appreciate all your help!! Thanks, Donna Crary November 2014

    Donna Crary
    Donna Crary
  • Good afternoon Marc, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Bernardo Coronado-Guerra, and I recently moved from Savannah, GA to Hong Kong with my cat, Doris (late August, 2014). During this entire process, Ms. Elizabeth Roseberry, my assigned Personal Move Counselor was with me every step of the way. She was very professional, caring, understanding, effective and efficient. It was comforting to work with her knowing that she had Doris’ best interests as a priority. She always returned my calls, answered my emails, was in touch with the vet in Savannah, sent updates throughout Doris’s journey – the trip went smoothly and Doris is now a happy cat expat in Hong Kong. Thank you for having Ms. Roseberry on your staff, she truly is an asset to your company and I wish that every pet relocation owner had the same, outstanding experience Doris and I had. Although I’ve thanked her many times, please congratulate her on my behalf. I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Ms. Roseberry’s services to anyone who is relocating with a pet – please feel free to use me as a reference. (Actually, my friends, the Schreve’s will be relocating with their dog to HK early next year and I’ve let them know about you). Thank you again. Kind Regards, Bernardo. Bernardo Coronado-Guerra, Associate IIDA Director of Design and Community Relations SCAD Hong Kong  

  • I was very anxious about moving my cat from New Mexico to India. Everything I learned from around suggested that it would be extremely hard to first get all the paperwork done and then for the pet, for having to actually travel upwards of 24 hours. This entire process was made infinitely easier thanks to the very dedicated and efficient staff at Animal Land Pet Movers. They took care of all the paperwork needed for my cat and took such great care of her on her nearly 40 hours of journey from the US to India. On top of everything they were always available to pick up the phone and respond to any number of anxiety driven questions I had. I am really happy I used their services to get my cat back home as I was in no way going to leave her behind. Rakhi

  • BeeBee in London Dana, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for Beebee and I Dana. From the first email I felt like we were on the same page, in that pets are not cargo... they are family members. Someone who doesn't really care for animals so much might hear what you do and think, great, Dana flies animals from A to B. But you don't... you keep families together, and that's what you have done for me. The way in which you go about your work gave me so much confidence in getting Beebee home, and I honestly don't think there's anything you could have done to improve the service you provided. I felt like you had my back, and at a time when I was feeling pretty hopeless and lost, don't underestimate how important that was. So thank you Dana. For everything. A thousand times over. Beebee has been a true star since we left PP. She's adapting well and wants to know everything around her. It's funny, in PP motorbikes can fly right by her missing her by a few inches and she wouldn't so much as flinch. Here, we're in the middle of the country, and wind blows through the tall grass and she jumps 3 ft in the air with fright. It's a long road of new experiences for her ahead, but she'll get there. She's still the sweet and loving friend I've always had, and I can't wait to share her with the world here in the UK. As promised, here are a few snaps of Beebee in her new home. And of course, feel free to use anything you like for facebook or publicity. I'd be happy for you to do so. Thanks again and again Dana. You've been incredible. Good luck and good health to you and your family. Steve and Beebee

    Steve and Beebee
    Steve and Beebee
  • 3 Dogs-Waiting at windowDear Marc, I just want you to know how much we appreciated the great service your company provided from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa, via Amsterdam. We were especially worried about our Rhodesian Ridgeback who has epilepsy. She did great! Beth let us know that Koko was doing well and received her medication in Amsterdam. We boarded all 3 dogs in Joburg with Duncan's kennel and the 3 were well cared for. Lola, the Mini Bull Terrier thought it was all one big party and the Border Collie was okay, too. Not one of the dogs got sick or had bowel problems and we have had them for 4 days and they are adjusting well. Like most people who use a pet relocation service, we think of our dogs as our children and while it was quadruple the price of our two plane tickets here, it was worth every penny! This is one place that we knew not to skimp on cost. From our initial contact with Sunni to our continued interaction with Beth, it was a great experience. Your company clearly knows the logistics of the business, but the hand-holding with anxious owners is the critical piece. Beth was patient and reassuring every time we spoke. A job well done and thank you! Warm regards, Lisa  

  • LinneaPupsHi Dana, So sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. The internet here is horrible. I am going to try my best to attach and send pictures. But at least here is my testimonial: I highly recommend Petmovers for anyone requiring international pet travel. They are especially good at handling complex itineraries to remote locations. I have been lucky enough to have had them move my two dachshunds twice. The first time was in October of 2012 from San Diego to Mongolia. The second time was from Mongolia to Malawi in August of 2014. I researched how to manage these trips on my own and it was IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention incredibly anxiety provoking! Dana Fanning at Petmovers took all the worry and anxiety away. She made sure that my dogs had all the proper paper work to get in and out of the countries where they traveled. She also designed an itinerary that ensured the dogs were on pet friendly airlines and were closely monitored along the way. She kept me up dated during their transport so I always knew where they were and what was happening with them. I even got pictures when they were taken for a walk in Seoul! Despite all of Dana's excellent preparation I was a nervous wreck both times the pups traveled. Dana never got impatient with me. She gave me constant reassurances and was always available to me by email which was such a comfort. Initially when I contacted Petmovers I thought their rates were too high but after researching other companies I found that they either cost about the same or couldn't manage my complex itineraries in the first place. I chose Petmovers because they were prompt at getting back to me with the quote and all of the instructions for the move. Right away I felt confidence in Petmovers and they have never disappointed me. When it is time to move the pups again I'll be giving Dana a call. She and Petmovers are the ABSOLUTE BEST! Cheers, Linnea 8/18/2014

  • Thomas Pup Dana, Your service was wonderful - thank you so much. I know I cannot do justice here to the subtle ways in which you were careful to support us in whatever way we needed - whether with not too much information (so we would not worry about what you knew would be just fine) or the finest possible detail (because you knew these details would really help). Lulli's journey was a long one and with many take-offs and landings and during some inclement weather but she made it here in good time and we very much appreciated the updates along the way. Everyone involved was so friendly and helpful and gave us such confidence she was in the hands of people who would love her and make her feel as comfortable as possible during her journey. She was exhausted but back to her normal self within days. Thank you again, so much!! Susan 7/21/2014

  • PicsArt_1407990803706 (1)

  • photo Hi Elizabeth, I'm sorry that this is a few days belated, but thank you so much for the fantastic job you and your team did on transporting Domino & Krumpet, and coordinating their export paperwork. Everything went super smooth on the pickup at the Animal Reception Center. The updates on their travel day were especially appreciated as I was a bit apprehensive about them traveling. I won't hesitate to use your services again if needed, and will recommend your company to friends and family. We're looking forward to settling in Chiswick, West London, and having our dogs with us truly makes the UK feel like our new home. With Gratitude, Dan & Samantha P.S. The pic below was from our happy reunion at the Heathrow ARC on Thursday evening.

    Dan & Samantha
  • Jellybean & Lacy Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts, support and guidance throughout this relocation process. Your professionalism, knowledge and above all, kindness, was exactly what I needed throughout this stressful move. I appreciated the promptness of your replies to my endless questions, your patience when I worried too much, and your calmness in the face of unexpected challenges. The relocation experts provided via the corporate offices to our assignment do not hold a candle to you! As you can see from the attached photo, Jellybean and Lacy are happily reunited with us, and have even made friends with the housekeeper at our temporary living quarters. I think they will like Malaysia a lot! Thank you again Elizabeth. I wish you well. Perhaps we will need your services again upon return to the US, Cheers Stephanie

  • AimeePets Dana, Just wanted to write you and let you know that we have had a great week! I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us!! All the paperwork, emails, connections you made and helping me when I became stressed- well it was greatly appreciated!! You are amazing at your job!!! Thank you! Sincerely, Aime

  • image-6 Good afternoon Beth, Wanted to say one last THANK YOU! From Chris, Lola and I. We are settling in just fine and surprisingly every single house on our block has a dog-- not joking, every house! So I think Lola will be just fine here in St. Lucia. This move from Washington, DC to St. Lucia, was one of the most stressful things I have ever done, and throwing our English Bulldog (piglet!) into the mix should've been the straw that broke the camel's back -- but it wasn't! You made it so easy and handled it with flawless professionalism and genuine care for me and my dog's wellbeing. You were available whenever I needed you and you walked me through every step, even when the vets and govt. agencies (no names!) were clueless and unhelpful. I still haven't gotten a call back from the Richmond office - LOL! Thank you for the last push to get Lola here and thank you for keeping me informed along the way. I loved when a vet would say, "Well you have to get the titer" or "You need to obtain the health certificate" and I replied with a confident, "Already done" or "Got it right here!" I was never caught off guard and towards the end I began to feel like a professional at this, I was always prepared! As I stated before, we're here in St. Lucia for school and will be returning in 2 years. We will without a doubt reach out to you and Animal Land Pet Movers for our move back. I've included a few pictures of Lola. I hope you are doing well, thank you again, we will be in touch in a couple years! All the best, Kali

  • prince Hi Dana Thank you so much for bringing Prince back home safely. Your services are really good. Already have a couple of people requesting your contact details to transport their pets to Indonesia too. Prince is healthy and happy. Best, Christina

  • Bayley

    Having travelled for nearly 24 hours, Bayley arrived safely at our home in Hong Kong and is surprisingly in good spirits.
    Thank you so much for handling everything so professionally and for making the whole process seamless. It was definitely the best decision I've made to go with Animal Land Pet Movers after hearing so many horror pet relocation stories! I highly recommend Dana and her team to everyone!
    Thanks again!
  • Angus and Lila Thank you and your team for the complete care and precision with which you managed Angus & Lila's relocation half way around the world. I also commend your continued communication throughout their journey which reassured us that they were handling the trip well. The updates and milestones you provided enabled us to relax a bit and enjoy our journey. From Sanibel to Singapore, our dogs flew first class with Animal Land. Best Regards, Peg PS Thought you'd enjoy these pics of Lila by the spa, and Angus watching the "Puppy Bowl" and in his favorite position, from "his" sofa.

  • photo1 (2)

    Sunni was my first contact with Animal Land Pet Movers.  Sunni was so warm and friendly and  so understanding of my concerns about moving my 11-year old Whippet from Southern California to the Caribbean.  We checked with other pet relocation services and had the best feeling and the best results from Animal Land.
    Dana was our "handler".  I say "handler" because she calmed us down, organized our dog's itinerary, continued to calm us down, and helped us through a stressful move.  She is extremely thorough, exceptionally organized and amazingly calming and professional.  She understands and clearly communicates every detail of the requirements for the most difficult customs situations and provided to-do lists and checklists for us to guide us through the process.
    We would highly recommend Animal Land Pet Movers!
    Who doesn't want the best for their pet?
    Best regards,
    Susan Valentine
    Frank Cannon
    and "Izzy"

    Susan Valentine
  • Dana,

    we are finally settled in Ireland and I have been wanting to let you know how very much I appreciated everything you have done to make Petey's move to Ireland so easy.

    You and your company are so very professional. I want you to know, if ever you need a reference, I would be more than happy to give you and your company an outstanding reference.

    thank you again....Eileen Stillwell

    Eileen Stillwell
  • photoHi Dana! Everything went really smoothly! Kelvin was amazing! So nice and caring for Buddy and me. I was so happy that I got to see Buddy shortly after we landed in Singapore. Kelvin went above and beyond! Thank you for everything! I couldn't have done it without you! You made the move so much easier for me and Buddy! I can't thank you enough. Regards, Amanda

  • FB_IMG_1402796644082Hi Dana, Thank you do much for all Pet movers did in making the transition from Mississippi to New Zealand go so smoothly for our sweet Misty. The personal caring shown to me from firstly Barbara, my 1st contact, then onto you is greatly appreciated. I was I guess like most anxious pet owners, not knowing how such a long trip and 2 weeks separation was going to effect my sweet girl. Your constant reassurance was very comforting. Being emailed her flight stops was fabulous. I kept track throughout her journey. She has arrived here in New Zealand, a very happy frisky little girl. She was sparkling clean and healthy. You actually wouldn't know she had taken such a big adventure. Once again thank you all so very much. Julie Smith and Misty.

    Julie Smith
  • IMG_1774 Dana, Mandy just got here a couple minutes ago and she is in good spirits. Thank you so so so so so much for all that you have done. We are extremely happy with your services and please keep your phone nearby in two years. We are most likely returning to the U.S. and I don't think I can ever trust anyone other than you with her travel. Thank you so much again.

  • RileyPets Beth, Wanted to let you know how their first night went, and how they've been so far on their first day. Would sum it up as brilliant! Cats have been exploring the house this morning and are now in daytime mode which is normal, everyone has eaten well, Brodie had walkies, the dogs have been playing with Uncle Andrew, and we're heading for their first ever beach walk later this afternoon. Boots spent a fair bit of last night practically sitting on my head rubbing and purring. They were all up there with me for most of the night. You have been outstanding, and Animal Land Pet Movers will be recommended by me to all and sundry. As I said at some point last night, getting the dogs and cats over has been the major issue for me in the move, and my relief and happiness at their not only safe arrival, but arrival in good spirits and health, can't be put into words. Will be back! All the very best, and with the greatest of thanks, Sheena

  • BaumgartnerPets Dana, As with all dog caretakers who make the decision to take them to a destination that requires air travel, you worry a lot. Yes we worried, but in reality all was handled professionally by Pet Movers and there really no reason to worry. Thanks Dana, Rome and Jose. Pippa Lakeman and Jim Baumgartner

    Pippa Lakeman and Jim Baumgartner
  • LucyDog Dana, Thanks for taking such great care of Lucy. I usually don't trust her to anyone but I'm so happy that you took such good care of her. I expected her to arrive very traumatized but she arrived happy as can be. Thank you! Marina.

  • cricket_a Hi Beth, I was very impressed by Animal Land's service delivery -- they provided a desireable mix of flawless execution of the end-to-end service, combined with depth of support and attention to detail during the whole process. Cricket departed Los Angeles, overnighted in Amsterdam and arrived in good shape at Johannesburg. Thank you Beth, and your team, for great customer service. I am also including a picture of Cricket. Regards, Andy

  • ElizabethDog Hello Dana, She arrived safe and sound and is now exploring her new home and marking her territory. No problems at Saudi Cargo. Every one was very nice and helpful in loading her into the SUV taxi. She drew a crowd of about 30. She didn't bark at all and stayed very close to me. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and the team effort of getting her here safe and sound. When we return to the US, I will be contacting you again. I will keep you posted on how she is adjusting. Thank you again. Mary Ann and Elizabeth

    Mary Ann and Elizabeth
    Mary Ann and Elizabeth
  • photo1 (1) Hi Beth, Attached is a picture of the very special cargo you, and the Animal Land Petmovers team took such good care of for me. He arrived safely, looking well and in very good spirits. "Thank You". From the very first phone call to the last email your patience, understanding and care reassured me that I had made the best possible choice for my boy. I would have to say that I would highly recommend Animal Land for the relocation of your pet. I think my e-mail will reassure anyone that by using  your company I believe their pets are in the best hands. Many, Many Thanks!!! Louise & HugoX

  • BruiserSully

  • Derr pic
    Hola Dana from Puerto Rico!
    Good morning! Sorry I didn't get back to you last night! I was exhausted and the boys were exhausted and they were crazy all at the same time. But it was so great to see them complete their first travels. Thank you so much for all you have done. This was the most stressful period of the move and the logistics you did to get these guys here was amazing! I would most definitely use your service again as it was worth every dime we paid. Most people question us paying thousands of dollars to move our pets, but we would pay it for our kids…. so why not our kids with 4 paws! I will keep you posted on how they are doing from time to time. You are now apart of the Derr family!
    I can't say thank you enough!
  • Momomannik

    Thanks for everything, Beth! Apologies for my overwhelming questions - you were a pleasure to work with! The pups are all bathed and hanging by the fire - pic attached! We will definitely be using you for the trip back to the US in a couple of years!
    Many thanks again!
  • Bane Miller Dear Dana, Animal Land exceeded every expectation of my very first pet move.  They put my boy's security and comfort first and foremost, and reassured me with consistent up-to-date reports every step of his transport.  I never once felt worried about his safety and when we were finally reunited, he was so happy I don't think he was worried for a moment, either. If I ever have to transport my dog again, Animal Land will be the only call I ever make. Pic attached as well (which was taken only moments after he arrived).  Have a great weekend 🙂 Thx. Stephen

  • Cabernet_Powell Hi Julia!, Good Morning! Thank you again for all your help with getting Cabbie here. She is doing great!! She loves the snow . . . which is wonderful because there is a lot more coming. The Delta Staff in GB were terrific! Sooo nice & helpful! They seemed to be just as excited about her getting here as we were. Overall it was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much again! Picture of Cabbie is attached. 🙂 Sincerely, Holly

  • Tammy's Pets Dear Beth, They went to their very first dog park ever and were very good. I also took a picture of the view. Thank you for everything. I could not have done this without you. Sorry you had to work so hard but thank G_d you knew what you were doing. You were worth every cent. If you ever need a referral let me know. Tammy

  • Alagel_ Fido Hi Dana,

    Thank you for everything. You and your company are amazing and I would definitely call you again or refer your company to a friend if needed.Huge thanks to everyone!!
  • JimmyinUK I would like to thank Dana and all her team who made the process so easy and filled us with confidence about the welfare and safety of Jimmy on his return journey to the UK. The advise and support was amazing and would recommend anyone to put their trust in these guys Kind regards Anita

  • SchwenkHoopla   Elizabeth, Thank you Animal Land Pet Movers! The two dogs you helped us with arrived cross country healthy and happy, and ahead of schedule. Fantastic! Papa Joe was very glad to have his babies back. They mean everything to him, especially after the recent loss of his wife. You far exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend your service to anyone who needs to relocate their pets, and wants it handled smoothly and professionaly. Highest regards, Don Phoenix Arizona.

  • Beth, Morgan got here fine he is in good shape and resting now..Thank you to all the people that helped me get him here. I really appreciate the care and thoughtfulness you gave to him and my self..Once again thank you for bringing this piece of my family safely to me.  

  • Hi Dana! Just wanted to let you know that Dimo is back home with me! He's doing great! and is happy and contented with his new home in Singapore. It has been a really long and process for me to get Dimo imported to Singapore but everything was worth it! Once again, thanks for making it possible for Dimo to be back home with me. Regards,

  • ChinaWall Dear Mr. Morrison, Hello, my name is Christie Dannaher and I wanted to write to you about our experience with Ms. Dana Fanning.  My husband and I moved to China and we were very concerned about our 90 lbs dog, Lou.  He is part of the family and we wanted to take him with us.  We obtained quotes from several companies and decide on Animal Land. We were really apprehensive and nervous about the process.  Dana became our agent and helped calm our nerves and walked us through the process.  Lou arrived in China smoothly with no issues. In January 2013, we became aware that we were going to move back to the United States. We knew who we were going to contact to help us move Lou. I looked through all of my old emails, trying to find Dana's contact information.  When I found it, I emailed Dana and she responded immediately.  We trusted Dana and knew she would do an awesome job getting Lou home. Dana was so professional and helped us through the process again.  Lou came home smoothly amongst several obstacles (Chinese New Year and winter storms in the US).  She ensured Lou was safe and she was able to find him temporary housing when a snow storm hit Detroit.  She went above and beyond her responsibilities and it made us feel so secure that Lou was safe.  My only regret is I did not write this email sooner.  It has been a tough year for us and Dana made it less stressful. If we need to move again, please know your company has a lifelong customer because of your employee. Sincerely,  

    The Dannahers
  • CarlosandAlfie Dear Beth, We arrived home last night and the boys are happy and safe, which of course makes me calmer. That poor flight attendant didn't know what he was in for yesterday with me on the plane too! They are loving their new backyard (Carlos loves the cooler breeze as you can see). I could never thank you all enough for your help in moving, again! I hope I don't move again anytime soon but I know I would undoubtably use you guys. I passed your information on to a friend of mine who lives in Maui already and has a dog in Indiana. I will keep you guys updated on the curious and mischievous lives of Carlos and Alfie. Again, thank you times a million from this little family for all you have done! Love,  

    Sandra, Carlos & Alfie
  • Barrsik_Roelvink Let go of your fears regarding pet transport when you use Animal Land Pet Movers. Their assigned transport counselor Julia Harris did an outstanding job. There was excellent contact by e-mail and phone during the booking phase of the trip. Concerns were addressed in full and immediately. Even during my Barrsie’s (my cat) trip, I was updated on his check-in, his condition and comfort during lay-overs and his departures and arrivals. I very highly recommend Animal Land Pet Movers and especially Julia.  

    Peter W. Roelvink, Dublin CA
  • Chiquita & Napolean's Reunion with Dad Marlee, My father is so happy!  We are so pleased with the service and care given to our precious cargo. Both dogs appear happy and content. Thank you again!

  • Otis Marlee, Of course you may share pics of Otis. He is doing great; even had his first weekend ever with our 5 yr old grandson and they got along famously. I'm attaching the latest of Otis and the sign our grandson Patrick made for him. You and your company made the move from Alabama to England so easy and stressless for both us and Otis. According to the driver who delivered Otis to us, he was a nice quiet friendly cat. But the minute he saw us he started his normal talking to us. He still looks at his kennel as a safe place not a bad one. I believe that is due to the handling of him by your company. Once again thanks.  

  • DanaPic1 DanaPic2 Dana, Attached are some photos of Miss Abigail, thoroughly enjoying her new life in Hong Kong.  She has settled in very well, and is making lots of friends, both human and canine.  You and your entire team (Justin in Charlotte, and George in Hong Kong) were amazing during this process, and both Abby and I are very grateful for your help.  You made a fairly complicated process straightforward, and most importantly, you helped keep me calm while my “baby” traveled halfway around the world!  Your constant communication and contact during every stage was priceless.  What you and your company do is amazing, thanks again! Please feel free to use my “testimonial” on your website and in marketing materials.  I can’t say enough positive things about you and your team!

  • BirdTestimonial Dana, You were wonderful! Sending my parrot, Yana, back to Hong Kong from California was not an easy task. With all the restrictions and requirements needed for birds to travel, we wouldn't have been able to make things work without your help. You were always able to reply to our e-mails quick whenever we had a doubt or worry; and to take care of most of the the communications and documents needed during the process. I would never forget seeing our agent from Hong Kong receiving a phone call from you once Yana arrived in the airport. You were always “there” to keep track of every little detail! Thank you!  

    Carol & Joseph
  • The Boys Elli in the Pasture Dear Beth, Once again, we want to thank you so very much for all of your assistance with our recent move.  Everything seemed to go like clockwork and all three arrived in good shape.  "Mom and Dad" were in OK shape too!!  As anticipated, it was four hours between landing at Heathrow and picking up the animals at the ARC.  We found the staff very pleasant and helpful there, although they were clearly busy "behind the scenes" taking care of things. All of our critters are settling happily into their new home.  I've included several photos for you:  Elli surveying her kingdom, Elli and Smitty on their morning walk in the pasture and "the boys" happily ensconced. We're delighted with how everyone is adjusting to their new surroundings and we can honestly say that all three seem quite content.  Thanks again, Beth, for everything that you and Pet Movers did.  Without you, this move would likely have been a very different experience.  We were able to rest easily with you on our team!

    Best, Mary, Mike, Elli, Smitty and Wizard
  • Jakarta Dana,

    You were wonderful and I really appreciate all your help!
  • DubaiDog Marlee, I was hugely impressed with the staff at Animal Land. In the months and weeks leading up to my dog's trip, my relocation agent was extremely proactive about making sure all of the necessary documents were in order to ensure his trip would go smoothly and gladly addressed all of my questions and concerns.  Even though I was nervous about my dog making the long journey alone from the U.S. to Dubai, I was able to rest assured knowing the staff at Animal Land had everything under control. I received updates at every stage of the trip and couldn't have been happier when my pup arrived safe and sound without a hitch.  I will definitely recommend Animal Land to anyone looking to relocate their pet.  

    Carrie and Ned
  • Nooli with tongue out "Julia, thank you again so much for all your help and attention on this move for Nooli. My daughter Kathleen and I were anxious about his flight from Hawaii to Austin, but you took care of everything. Nooli is doing well. I have already recommended you to friends."  

  • Marc, I wanted to send you a quick message regarding the recent service that we received at the hands of Julia Harris. Due to a long move from Virginia to Guam, we enlisted PetMovers to assist with the movement of our cat.  The process was a little overwhelming for us, so we asked for help.  Julia was our agent and did a fantastic job.  She took care of 95% of the needed communications between veterinarian, USDA, Guam Department of Agriculture, and the Anderson Pet Lodge in Guam.  I only had to make a few phone calls (the Guam Dept of Agr would not allow a 3rd party in communication on specific issues) and was incredibly frustrated....I am so happy that Julia dealt with the majority of the issues. Julia kept us up to date with frequent emails throughout the process.  She provided detailed requirement and was quick to get back to us when we had questions.  There were a few phonecalls at the time of our cat's pickup by a courier that seemed unnecessary, but as soon as we notified Julia, she took care of everything.  We received updates by text message as Chloe made each stage of travel. It seemed like a lot of money to spend, but well worth it in the end to us.  We were very satisfied with the service thanks to Julia. Sincerely,

  • Marlee, I was more than pleased with your service and that of Animal Land. I could not have gotten Tuck to D.C. on such a short notice while dealing with family matters without you. Please feel free to share Tuck's picture and any of my words of thanks as testimony on the website. If I ever have to ship any of my pets in the future, I will definitely use Animal Land. Tuck Take care,  

  •   Dana, We picked up Maisie as evidenced by the attached. Maisie looks very happy and full of beans as usual. They are now on there way home. I want to thank you for all your help, Dana. We couldn't have done this without you. You are the consummate professional, and you know your business! Many many thanks for helping us relocate Maisie to her new home in London. Anytime you need a reference, reach out to me! Best, and many thanks again.  

  • Bruno Picture I had the utmost confidence in your services from the time we first spoke, first with Sunni and then you.  Your knowledge of all the necessary steps and constant assurance to a "nervous Nellie" made all the difference.  And the final proof was in Bruno's arrival with Dave's help when Bruno was well, happy and calm.  All around a wonderful experience.  Thank you so very much Marlee!

  • Sula Boo Here's a picture of Sula Boo - an overseas transport success thanks to Animal Land PetMovers!!!! Thank you Marlee! You and your company are the best!!! 7/31/2013  

  • Marlee,

    The Kids are doing great.
    Thank you for everything.  Your team was a huge help and the perfect way for us to ensure our pups were safe and secure during their trip to California. We appreciate you taking the time to explain the process and for keeping us updated on their progress during the trip. I would highly recommend your service and will use it if we move again.
    Thanks so much!
    Lesli Gilbert and Hansel, Grettel, Bentley, Kona and Java
    Lesli Gilbert and Hansel, Grettel, Bentley, Kona and Java
  • Awesome Adoption

    Marlee Hoopla Picture_Page_1 But probably not as much as Anthony the cat. Shirley Bailey is one amazing woman. She came from Canada to go to The Masters in Augusta and  fell in love with Anthony who was residing outside her hotel room. She decided to take Anthony back to Canada with her and we were glad to assist. Here is an awesome article about the good work she does: http://www.thespec.com/news-story/2882436-mahoney-happy-tails-to-you/ And a good picture of the process in action!

  • Oh happy day! We picked Molly up this morning. We were all so glad to see her. Molly and the whole family thank you for all your help and effort in successfully transporting her half way around the world. I'll be in touch with you again when it's time for us to come back to the US.

  • Thank you so much for all your help. You will never know how much it has meant to us. You were so good with my Mother as well, and please tell Ann thank you as well. I have attached pictures of Cole and Bella from last night. Again thank you for all your help. I would like people to know that you do wonderful work.

  • I can-t thank you enough for everything you did – it was such a relief not having to worry about anything and knowing that my Mom didn-t have to worry either. You guys were awesome and I really appreciate everything. I would like very much to post some sort of comment out on your website if that is possible. If you can tell me how to go about doing that I would really appreciate it. Again, thank you so very much!!! I will definitely refer you and Animal Land Pet Movers along the way.

  • Dear Dana, I wanted to let you know that all 4 cats arrived healthy and safe in Boise. You did such a wonderful job of transporting the cats and the young man, Greg, I think, that took the cats to the airport was very nice and professional. I felt very comfortable leaving the cats in his care. Thank you and your company for your excellent work and wonderful communication. I will be recommending you to anyone who is transporting pets. Thank you once again.

  • I was delighted with the service you & Animal Land provided. I'll recommend you to the other Americans coming over here, and I'll definitely contact you in 3 years when we're ready to ship Gretchen back to Maryland. Thanks for everything.