Can I move my pet myself?

In most instances you can absolutely move your pet yourself. Especially domestically. To many foreign countries, most notably South Africa, Australia and England, we strongly recommend using a pet relocation service as any errors can seriously affect your pet’s time in quarantine.

Is using a pet relocation specialist cheaper?

No. It would be unusual to find a pet relocation service that would be less expensive that doing it yourself.

Do you use your own airplanes?

No. All pet relocation services use the commercial airlines. At present there are no pet only airlines.

Is it really safe to fly my pet?

Yes. With proper diligence and common sense, relocating your pet by air is safer than a long road trip in the back of a van filled with other animals.

Where in the plane does my pet fly?

All pets flown as excess baggage or as cargo fly in the cargo hold of the plane. This area is heated and cooled and is also pressurized. It is the same air you are breathing when you fly in the cabin.

Should I give my pet a sedative?

No, no and no. Sedatives suppress the respiratory system of the pets and often cause disorientation. Several airlines will not accept your pet if they are sedated nor will Animal Land, Inc.

What can I do to prepare my pet for travel?

The best thing you can do to acclimate your pet for his upcoming move is to make sure he is comfortable with his crate. Start by putting treats in the crate and then progress to leaving your pet in the crate for short periods of time while you are out. This will help avoid separation anxiety and ensure a comfortable move.

  • I was delighted with the service you & Animal Land provided. I'll recommend you to the other Americans coming over here, and I'll definitely contact you in 3 years when we're ready to ship Gretchen back to Maryland. Thanks for everything.

  • Dear Dana, I wanted to let you know that all 4 cats arrived healthy and safe in Boise. You did such a wonderful job of transporting the cats and the young man, Greg, I think, that took the cats to the airport was very nice and professional. I felt very comfortable leaving the cats in his care. Thank you and your company for your excellent work and wonderful communication. I will be recommending you to anyone who is transporting pets. Thank you once again.

  • I can-t thank you enough for everything you did – it was such a relief not having to worry about anything and knowing that my Mom didn-t have to worry either. You guys were awesome and I really appreciate everything. I would like very much to post some sort of comment out on your website if that is possible. If you can tell me how to go about doing that I would really appreciate it. Again, thank you so very much!!! I will definitely refer you and Animal Land Pet Movers along the way.

  • Thank you so much for all your help. You will never know how much it has meant to us. You were so good with my Mother as well, and please tell Ann thank you as well. I have attached pictures of Cole and Bella from last night. Again thank you for all your help. I would like people to know that you do wonderful work.

  • Oh happy day! We picked Molly up this morning. We were all so glad to see her. Molly and the whole family thank you for all your help and effort in successfully transporting her half way around the world. I'll be in touch with you again when it's time for us to come back to the US.

  • Awesome Adoption

    Marlee Hoopla Picture_Page_1 But probably not as much as Anthony the cat. Shirley Bailey is one amazing woman. She came from Canada to go to The Masters in Augusta and  fell in love with Anthony who was residing outside her hotel room. She decided to take Anthony back to Canada with her and we were glad to assist. And a good picture of the process in action!

  • Marlee,

    The Kids are doing great.
    Thank you for everything.  Your team was a huge help and the perfect way for us to ensure our pups were safe and secure during their trip to California. We appreciate you taking the time to explain the process and for keeping us updated on their progress during the trip. I would highly recommend your service and will use it if we move again.
    Thanks so much!
    Lesli Gilbert and Hansel, Grettel, Bentley, Kona and Java
    Lesli Gilbert and Hansel, Grettel, Bentley, Kona and Java
  • Sula Boo Here's a picture of Sula Boo - an overseas transport success thanks to Animal Land PetMovers!!!! Thank you Marlee! You and your company are the best!!! 7/31/2013  

  • Bruno Picture I had the utmost confidence in your services from the time we first spoke, first with Sunni and then you.  Your knowledge of all the necessary steps and constant assurance to a "nervous Nellie" made all the difference.  And the final proof was in Bruno's arrival with Dave's help when Bruno was well, happy and calm.  All around a wonderful experience.  Thank you so very much Marlee!

  •   Dana, We picked up Maisie as evidenced by the attached. Maisie looks very happy and full of beans as usual. They are now on there way home. I want to thank you for all your help, Dana. We couldn't have done this without you. You are the consummate professional, and you know your business! Many many thanks for helping us relocate Maisie to her new home in London. Anytime you need a reference, reach out to me! Best, and many thanks again.