How To Measure Your Dog

Measuring your dog for the right kennel size is one of the first important decisions you can make when relocating your dog. If you don’t choose correctly, the airlines can (and will) refuse to send them.

So, how do I know what is the right size kennels for my pet?” A great start is to use the image at the left with the following legend.

A = Length of animal from nose to root of tail.
B = Height from ground to elbow joint.
C = Width across shoulders.
D = Height of animal in a natural standing position from the top of the head. It is also helpful to get the measurement to the ear tip.

We recommend that you give it an inch to an a inch and a half bigger so that it gives the pets some room to move in and also then there shouldn’t be any problems at the airport. Many airlines “require” 3 inches. But this is not always followed or possible. A great way to be certain of the right size would be to take your pet into PetSmart or Petco and try out a few kennels .


Virtually all of the major airlines which transport pets, such as United and Delta offer their specific guidelines about what is required however you can not go wrong with the chart above.

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