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Guide dogs are subject to many of the same rules as other dogs when traveling by air.  These include:

  • an itinerary that includes approved airlines and routes
  • a microchip on your guide dog
  • obtained a health certificate and/or pet passport
  • all documentation from the state or country you are traveling from
  • all documentation requested by the state or country you are traveling to


However, the rules do differ a bit on a few points:

  • Assistance dogs can usually travel more routes than people with pets.
  • They are allowed in the aircraft cabin with their owners.
  • They may not need to be stowed in a travel kennel while onboard.


Also to note, it would be helpful to have a letter verifying your dog’s status as an assistance animal from a legitimate registered assistance dog organization.  Plus, a list of helpful organizations in the state or country you’re traveling to may connect you with resources and support if you need it.

Traveling to Locations Within the United States

There are no restrictions for dog guides traveling from state to state except when traveling to Hawaii. Because Hawaii is rabies-free, the travel requirements are more stringent.

Traveling to United States from Locations Elsewhere in the World

If you are traveling from back to the United States with your assistance animal, you must have him vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to re-entry, as well as meet all the other requirements.

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