Taking Pets to the Netherlands

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Saying you’re moving to the Netherlands is not the same as saying you’re moving to Holland, though the two are often used interchangeably. Random factoid: The Netherlands is actually made up of 12 provinces, the two most populous being North Holland and South Holland.

The rules for importing pets into the European Union – the PETS Travel Scheme – also apply to the Netherlands. Here’s what the Dutch want you to know.

Puppies and Kittens

You can take unvaccinated puppies and kittens that are under 3 months old if you are travelling from a rabies-free or rabies-controlled region. You must present a declaration attesting to the fact that your pet has been in its country of birth its entire life and has never been exposed to any infected animals.

Dog Tax

There is one dog-related stipulation you should be aware of before you move. Ever heard of a dog tax? Your dog may have to be registered with the municipality where you live and some municipalities charge dog taxes to cover for dog-related facilities and other expenses.


Your pet should be implanted with an ISO 11784 or 11785 compliant microchip. Most standard microchips are compliant and we can always double check for you.

Rabies Vaccination

A rabies vaccination must be administered no sooner than 21 days before departure but not later than the vaccine’s expiration date. The rabies certificate should be endorsed by the government of the exporting country.

Veterinarian Health Certificate

Within 10 days of departure, your veterinarian should issue a certificate attesting to the good health of your pet. The certificate should be endorsed by the government of the exporting country.

And as always remember, beware of the Red Light District!


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