Pet Relocation to Germany

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We provide pet relocation services to Germany quite frequently because of both the business and military presence in a variety of German cities.

Getting there is fairly straight forward. Each pet will need:

1) Microchip;
2) Rabies shot between 30 days and a year old;
3) EU Health Certificate, Endorsed by the USDA – We have a fully editable copy which we will provide for you. We will also provide you with the address for the appropriate USDA office.
4) International Health Certificate – Most Vets carry the APHIS Form 7001. If not, we can instruct them on where to get it.

Germany is a fairly pet friendly place with many hotels which allow pets. However, the heightened appreciation for pets also carries additional responsibilities. If you live in a rented place the permission of your landlord is mandatory.

Germany has a ban on import of a few species and rules vary from state to state. A good resource is posted on the German Consulate’s website.

Pet owners are legally responsible for the action of their pets in Germany. Insurance is available to safeguard owners in such situations and we strongly recommend looking into it when you arrive.

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