Pet Relocation – Taking your Pets to South Africa

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We send quite a few pets to South Africa as it is a gorgeous country and many expats return.

Johannesburg is the source of a large-scale gold and diamond trade, due to its location on the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills. Johannesburg is served by O.R. Tambo International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Africa and a gateway for international air travel to and from the rest of southern Africa.

Cape Town is famous for its harbor as well as its natural setting in the Cape floral kingdom, including such well-known landmarks as Table Mountain and Cape Point. Although I have never been, it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a climate that puts San Diego to shame.

The requirements for dogs are quite detailed and they are not done properly, the South African authorities will send the pet back at the owner’s expense. We get calls!

The basic requirements are as follows:

1. Microchip: Each pet will need to be microchipped prior to departure.

2. Rabies Vaccination: Each pet will need a rabies vaccination between 30 days and a year old.

3. Blood Tests (For Dogs Only): Dogs must have the following blood tests within 30 days of arrival :

  • Brucella Canis
  • Trypanosoma evansi
  • Babesia Gibsoni
  • Dirofilaria immitis
  • Leishmania

Your Personal Move Counselor will give you and your vet a check list of exactly how to accomplish the above as specific methods of testing are required in order for the results to be valid .

4. Import Permit: We will arrange this for you.

5. South African Health Certificate: South Africa has its own Health Certificate which needs to be issued and endorsed by the USDA within 10 days of arrival. We will fill out the form and email it to your vet to sign. We will also instruct you on where to send the document for endorsement.

6. International Health Certificate (Aphis Form 7001): Most vets carry this standard form.

7. Six Months of Heartworm Medication: This must accompany each pet.

You and your pets are now ready for Safari!

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