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Three Myths and Three Truths About Moving Pets by Airplane

Misconceptions about pet travel by air range from “it’s too dangerous for Fido” to “it’s too stressful for Mr. Whiskers” to “it’s too complicated for me!”   Here’s a look at three myths and three truths that may help set you free from any anxiety.

“The cargo hold of the airplane isn’t pressurized.”

Actually, the cargo holds are pressurized.  An airplane is just a big tube with a floor separating the passenger compartment from the cargo hold.  It is more efficient to pressurize the entire tube than to attempt to compartmentalize.
One source of the misconception may be because some larger airplanes like 747s have 4 separate compartments or “bins.”  In these aircraft, the middle two bins, known as 2 and 3, are often unpressurized.  However, bins 1 and 4 – where pets are during the flight – are pressurized.  Plus, pets are routinely the last to be loaded onto the plane and the first to be taken off.

“Sedating animals makes it easier for them to travel.”

This is NOT true.  Some veterinarians do give pets a sedative called “acepromezine,” or ACE for short.  While this is an excellent and safe drug on the ground, it is dangerous for pets who will be flying as it restricts the respiratory functions.  It also affects the pets natural balance and equilibrium.   The American Veterinary Association discourages sedating pets before air travel – as does Animal Land Pet Movers.  You can see more information here:
There are many things which can be done to prevent anxiety.  We have created a 3-page PDF brochure which goes into detail regarding the different solutions.  If you would like to receive it, please call us at 877.379.8625 or send us a quick email at and we will get it to you right away.

“Too many forms, too many steps.  There’s too much to do if I decide to relocate my pet with me.”

The good news here is that a professional service like ours can take this worry completely off your hands.  We have experts who are trained to navigate the process – from communicating with the airlines to assuring that you and your veterinarian have prepared your animal for transport.  The process can be made simple – and we are here to help!

July, 2013 – Animal Land Pet Movers – Blog – Arianna Licet Ariza


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