Keeping Your Pet In Good Shape

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Most people assume that pets don’t need as much physical activity as humans. Because of that, they don’t bother to check their pet’s health and physique. Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, shares ways owners can keep their pet fit, active, and in good shape.

Keeping your Pet in Good Shape

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Pets are considered members of the family. That is why pet owners are often found guilty of making the mistake of spoiling them too much. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, sometimes, it can lead to long-term complications like cancer or obesity, especially when overdone.

In order to keep your pet fit, you have to spend some time and resources. Here are a few ways for you to keep them in good shape:

Get the Right Pet Exercise Equipment

There are treadmills specifically built for pets available the market. In fact, some allow one or more to run simultaneously. These treadmills usually have chain holders so that your pet is kept safe at all times. Furthermore, these can also be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust the speed and length from a distance.

For the smaller pets like rodents and guinea pigs, you can opt to have them run on exercise balls or wheels. Even makeshift jumbo gyms made from cardboard boxes and tubes would work. These obstacle courses are perfect for the little critters and can whip them into shape in no time.

Provide them with Proper Nutrition

Pets, like humans, also need to eat the right kind of food. But be mindful that there are various types of food available for each age and activity level. By taking this into account, your pet can get the proper amount of nourishment appropriate for their optimal growth.

Play with your Pet

Some pet owners like to have pets, but don’t really interact with them. By playing with your pet, you will not just promote physical activity, you will also help strengthen your pet’s body and establish a strong pet-owner bond.

Playing with pets is far better than simply walking them or leaving them on a treadmill. This is because the pet shows a whole new level of enthusiasm because of your presence.

Continued Progress with Monitoring

Sometimes, people think of weight loss as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After several sessions, they just stop right then and there because they think it is already enough.

But actually, staying fit means maintaining the activity levels that your body has become used to. In order to keep your pet on the right track, be sure to diligently monitor their progress. When you feel them beginning to regain their old weight, you can start subjecting your pet to exercises once more.

Pet obesity is a serious matter that is often overlooked. By keeping your pet fit, you lessen the risk of diabetes, arthritis, breathing problems, as well as liver and heart ailments.

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Author: Jordan Walker

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages as well as other pet-related blogs. His passion for animals is matched with his passion for “attempting” to play the guitar. If you would like to catch more of him, you can visit his Google+ or


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