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The Animal Lounge at Germany’s Frankfurt Airport calls itself “the world’s most advanced animal station” and it might just very well be considering all it has to offer:

  • Lots of space – over 40,000 square feet! (3,750 square meters)
  • 42 large animal stalls, some about 300 square feet in size (28 square meters)
  • 39 small animal pens
  • Aviaries for our fine-feathered friends
  • 12 temperature-controlled climate chambers
  • Professional care for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, elephants, horses and more
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance

If you have questions about the Animal Lounge, contact Lufthansa Cargo at (tel) +49-69-696-27406.

You can also try these 2 offices for more information:

Veterinary Border Inspection Office Frankfurt Airport
Tel: +49-69-696-46041
Fax: +49-69-696-46050

Animal Protection Officer (Health Regulations)
Tel: +49-69-690-21366 or +49-69-690-74332

The airport also has offers The Dog Hotel with landscaped outdoor areas and even heated kennels in the winter months. You must have proof that your dog is in good health in order to be admitted.

For more information on The Dog Hotel, contact:

Tel: +49-69-690-66542
Fax: +49-69-690-59995

Frankfurt Airport Animal Lounge:
Frankfurt Airport Traveling with Pets:

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