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Cats love to sleep and laze around.  Who wouldn’t?  However, many cats are overweight and extra pounds can mean vulnerability to diseases like arthritis and diabetes.  Cats actually need exercise to remain limber and healthy.

Outdoor cats tend to get a bit more exercise, running around and using their primitive hunting and pouncing skills.  For indoor cats, it’s helpful to set up a few things that could entice your kitty to move around.  You can place snacks in different nooks and crannies every day.  You can also have one or more of these around the house to play with:

  • Jungle gym
  • Climbing posts
  • Scratching posts
  • Feather wands
  • Laser light pointers
  • Paper bags
  • Small boxes
  • Toys on strings


One of the best ways to get one cat moving is to get another one.  Of course, this is completely dependent on your family’s needs and your pet’s personality, but it’s effective.  A friend can always help you stay active and fit.

And though it might not be common, you can take your cat for a walk.  If you decide to try this, it’s easier to begin early by using a harness with a young kitten and use treats to keep luring him forward.

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