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If you’re moving with your pet dog to London, here are some rules and regulations to keep in mind:

All dogs must be micro-chipped and, when in public, must wear a collar with identification information.

You must pick up after your dog when in public.

You must keep your dog on a leash when in designated public areas.

If your dog goes astray, contact the local dog warden in your district.

If you find a stray dog, you must try to return it to its owner or report it to the local authorities.  You may only keep the dog if you can prove you are capable of caring for it but the original owner may still have a claim.

Four types of dogs are prohibited:  Pit Bull Terrier; Japanese Tosa; Dogo Argentino; and Fila Brasilero.  If discovered, they may not necessarily be put down; that is up to the court’s discretion.

Guard dogs are not allowed on any premises unless their handler is present and/or if they are secured and not able to wander about the premises on their own.  You must exhibit a warning sign on your property if you have a guard dog.

You may be held criminally responsible if your dog is out of control in public and/or injures someone.  A dog can be considered “out of control” if it is barking, chasing or jumping onto someone. This law applies not only in public areas but also if the offense occurs on your property.  It does not protect burglars who trespass on your property.


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