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Of course, at Animal Land we bring our pets to work!  We love it.  They are our inspirations for what we do every day.

Purina, one of the leading pet food and pet product companies in the world, recently started a National Bring Your Pet to Work Day movement.  A movement!  They firmly believe in the benefits of having pets around at work and they are passionately encouraging other companies to join in.  Bravo, Purina!

If you want to be able to bring that gorgeous Golden Retriever of yours into the office or if you’d like to see if your whole company can become a pet-friendly work space, Purina has a helpful website addressing legal and medical concerns that may come up.  Some important points include:

  • Before anything, of course make sure everyone is cool with the idea.  Just bringing an animal to work may not sit well with co-workers who aren’t comfortable with it or who may be allergic.
  • Make sure your pet is healthy, well-trained and socialized.  He may be interacting with lots of people throughout the day.
  • Bring in your pet over the weekend or at a time when no one’s in the office in order to acclimate him first.  Also, have a few things in your work space that comfort your pet and let him know where “home” is while you’re at work.
  • If other employees are bringing pets, see if their pets are compatible with yours.  You may need to work out a schedule in case someone’s Maltese doesn’t get along with someone’s Tabby.
  • Establish pet-free zones such as the shared kitchen or the conference room.
  • Finally, you may need to be legally prepared should an emergency arise – i.e., someone gets bitten; a pet gets lost; a dog eats your homework, or rather, the 24-slide Powerpoint presentation you were up all night working on for an important client.

You can find more information here:

July 15, 2013 – Animal Land Pet Movers – Blog – Arianna Licet Ariza


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