Adjusting Your Pet’s Diet

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Adjusting Your Pet’s Diet

Dr. Marty Becker has been called “America’s Veterinarian.”  A recurring contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America, he has written 22 books including the two best-sellers, “Chicken Soup for the Pet-Lover’s Soul” and “The Healing Power of Pets.”

For a healthy diet that will help your pets lose weight or maintain their lean and mean physique, he suggests several ideas:

Shrink the portions:   Use a measuring cup to provide meals that are appropriate in size for your pet.  Smaller meals help to prevent hunger pangs; give them out several times a day, if possible.  Also try low-calorie fillers like green beans that will help fill up his tummy without increasing his weight.

Treat ’em right, on a smaller scale:   Break up your pet’s treats into smaller pieces and offer these as rewards, not necessarily one or two larger treats.

Change foods:  An older pet may need different nutrition sources than a younger pet.

And remember that exercise is key.  Walks or swimming are helpful activities.  Younger dogs may like to run around playing games.  Cats get good workouts playing with interactive toys.

At Animal Land, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian before starting any diet and/or exercise program for your pet.

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